We make amazing videos.  Period.

We create stunning HD quality videos with a special focus on promotional, training, and testimonial video production.  We service the Wasatch Front from Roy to Payson.  We’re located in the Utah valley in Pleasant Grove.

All kinds of videos.

Videos come in all shapes and sizes.  Here’s a handful of what Utah Valley Videos is capable of.

Is there a video that is specific to your business needs?  Don’t see an example of it here?  Let’s talk and make it happen!

30 Second Commercials

Highlight your company’s strengths and abilities in an engaging 30 sec or 1 min commercial

Real Estate Video Tour

We can create a beautiful guided tour of your residential or commercial property.

360 Videos/Photos

Go ahead and look around!  Give your clients every dimension possible in the palm of their hands.

Oratorical Histories

Treasure the memory of a loved-one’s past by recording their life’s highlights on a professional set or within the comforts of their home.

Training Videos

Multiple classes and courses to teach?  Have less meetings and more productivity by getting them all on videos!

Simple Profile Video

Don’t ‘wing-it!’  Put that cell phone away and present yourself professionally with excellent lighting, enhanced audio, and a solid script.

Custom Animation

Let our Emmy Award Winning staff tackle your custom animation needs.


Yes, you read that right.  We also do photography.  We want you to look your best in videos so you might as well get your photo taken.  Smile!

On time, on budget.

Just because a video looks like a million bucks doesn’t mean it has to cost that much.  There’s many creative ways to achieve the end result and we can guide you through that creative process and get the job done right.

Sooooo much better than your cell phone…

Look, we know you probably have the latest and greatest phone with all the bells and whistles and we know you can get some pretty decent footage on them nowadays.

But alongside our industry standard equipment comes our years of professional service with all kinds of clients, interviewing techniques, and broadcast industry standard know-how.  It’s not just about getting great video–it’s about the final story, the pacing and edit, and the emotion your video will evoke with your clients and customers.

“Great job as always.  Thanks for everything!”

Kenneth Williams, SPHR

Kenneth Williams is the Director of Human Resources at Quick Quack Car Wash Corporate in Sacramento, CA.  Utah Valley Videos is honored to produce all their training resource media for their staff and employees.


We’re here to help!  If there’s a question that you still have, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you do weddings?

We normally don’t shoot weddings as that’s a different industry but we have some great referrals if you need a wedding shot.

Do you shoot in 4K?

Typically, no.  This keeps render time down during production which keeps the price down for you.  Most phones, tablets, and HD broadcasts look beautiful in HD.  But if you need 4K, we can make it happen.  Generally we produce at HD 1080P.

Do I need to memorize a script?

We offer teleprompter services so you don’t need to memorize a thing!

What format will I get?

We deliver in .mp4, .mov, .avi, Apple Pro Res, and a myriad of other formats that suit your needs.

Do you guys fly drones?

Currently we do not offer drone services.  FAA regulations are very strict on commercial flying.  If you need a drone operator, make sure they’re FAA certified otherwise it could be a pretty hefty fine!

What else can you do?

Glad you asked!  we offer real estate packages, 360 photo/video services, custom motion graphic work, video graphic packages, and even corporate headshot photography (yes, we also do photography!)

Keeping Clients Happy

We’ve had the great honor of rubbing shoulders with some amazing clients.  Here’s just a few of them:

Ready to get started?